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Platillo del DiaEntrée of the day

Chicken meatball soup prepared with onion, tomato, potato, rice and mint leaf.
Served with vegetables and a side order of rice.
• Small 12 oz. (Kid's Size.)$6.89
• Medium 20oz.$10.89
Costillas de Puerco en Chile Negro 
Pork short ribs seared then simmered in a spicy (mild) black pasilla chile sauce prepared w/ herbs and spices. Served with beans & rice.$13.99
Pollo en Mole 
Chicken simmered in a rich mole paste prepared with cacoa, banana, peanuts, chicken broth and spices. Served with beans & rice.$13.99
Enchiladas de Pollo en Mole 
Three corn torillas prepared in rich mole sauce. Your choice of cheese or chicken and cheese. Served with beans & rice.$13.99
Espinazo con Nopales 
Pork spine (vertebrae) simmered in a red (mild) chile sauce witih diced cactus and cilantro.
Served with beans & rice.
Sabado y Domingo
Saturday & Sunday
Birria de Chivo 
Goat stew marinated in a variety of red chile peppers, tequila, herbs and spices.
• Small 12 oz. (Kid's Size) $6.89
• Medium 20 oz. $10.89
A Mexican delicacy of beef tripe and hominy in a red chilli broth.
• Small 12 oz. (Kid's Size)$6.89
• Medium 20 oz.$10.89